Book a Stay in Nairobi On A Budget

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Book a Stay in Nairobi On A Budget

Kenya is a tremendous country to travel in. it has much a lot of to offer than simply going on a safari. Even so, several travellers have the thought that African country simply consists of immense savannah plains with superb wild animals and plants that you just are solely aiming to visit if you wish to try and do an expedition. And safaris in Kenya as a country aren't low-cost either as a lot of individuals don’t even contemplate to associate a degree choice to other touristic activities.

In this article, I'll show you how to travel in Nairobi and Have a stay on a budget. I'll assist you in  coming up with your trip cost, provide insights within the transportation choices and most superb places have your stay for not more than one hundred USD.

Places To Stay In Nairobi

Nairobi isn't like Paris whereby a guide book and a great pair of walking shoes are needed. In Nairobi, you will only need a tip of what to do and you will be on your feet exploring the place right away. Of course, you'll check TripAdvisor for good things to try and do in Nairobi, however, in my opinion, you may barely scratch the surface and don’t get a real feel of the town or the Kenyan culture.

Best budget hotels in Nairobi

Nairobi may surprise you in terms of accommodation evaluation, it's not low cost. Below are some actually nice suggestions for best budget hotels in Nairobi.


This little house within the woods is owned by Tobin WHO includes a 2 sleeping room flats, filled with character and encircled by a lush garden environment, the home is near to Westlands and just a driving distance to several of Nairobi’s best spots.

House Of Elani

Another excellent spot within the heart of Westlands is the house of Eleni. it's a 2 chamber house, enclosed by a bowery garden, you may get the sensation you're in your own secluded suburban area. value is thirty-seven EUR per night.

House of John and Rhonda


A very cozy house on the brink of Westlands is that the house of John and Rhonda. a stunning couple United Nations agency bake your bread contemporary daily. they do have alittle house next to their house and a pleasant garden to only relax. value is forty six EUR per night.


Built in 1919, Rosslyn is among Nairobi’s oldest and most special extant homes. Set in two acres of personal gardens they're on the brink of United Nations, Village Market and Westlands. they provide bed and breakfast on a cozy single chamber. value is forty-one EUR per night.

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