Top Five Places To Visit In Kenya

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Top Five Places To Visit In Kenya

Kenya - the name is sort of synonymous with the word "safari." maybe no different place on the earth conjures such a spirit of journey and romance. the range of things dazzles the whole world, and viewing Kenya's wildlife tops the list Seeing different types wildebeests thundering across the savannah throughout the biggest Migration within the Maasai Mara; viewing eye-to-eye with an  elephant in Amboseli; or Flamingoes at Lake Bogoria, speckles the world, these sun-soaked lands, ancient tribes, like the Maasai, Kikuyu, and Samburu, retain their ancient customs, living in relative harmony with the plants.


Maasai Mara National Reserve (also "Masai Mara") is one among the world's most opulent game reserves. Bordering the United Republic of Tanzania, the Mara is at the northern extension of the Serengeti and forms a life passageway between the 2 countries. It's named after the statuesque, red-cloaked Maasai people that board the park and graze their animals here as they need in serious trouble centuries. In their language, Mara means that "mottled," maybe regard to the play of sunshine and shadow from the trees and cloud-studded skies on the immense grasslands.

The park is known for the good Migration, once thousands of gnu, zebra, and Gazella travel from the Serengeti, from Gregorian calendar month through Gregorian calendar month. within the Mara stream, throngs of hippos and crocodiles lurk. The park is additionally familiar for providing wonderful predator sightings, due to its comparatively massive populations of lion, cheetah, and leopard - particularly within the dry months from December through February. due to the park's altitude, the weather here is delicate and mild year-around.


Crowned by Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest peak, Amboseli National Reserve is one amongst Kenya's most well-liked traveler parks. The name "Amboseli" comes from a Maasai sense "salty mud," AN apt description for the park's parched conditions. The reserve is one amongst the simplest places in Africa to look at giant herds of elephants up shut. different life ordinarily noticed within the park includes huge cats, like lion and chetah, still as GiraffE Camelopardalis, impala, eland, waterbuck, gazelle, and quite 600 species of birds. Nature lovers will explore 5 completely different habitats here, starting from the dried-up bed of Lake Amboseli, wetlands with sulfur springs, savannah, and woodlands. 


This is Kenya's biggest Park Tsavo it is divided into two: Tsavo West and Tsavo East. along these parks comprise four percent of the country's total space and include rivers, waterfalls, savannah, volcanic hills, a colossal lava-rock tableland, and a powerful diversity of life. Midway between capital of Kenya and Mombasa, Tsavo East is legendary for photo-worthy sightings of huge elephant herds rolling and bathing in red mud. The palm-fringed Galana watercourse twists through the park providing wonderful game viewing and a lush counterpoint to the arid plains. different highlights here embrace the Yatta tableland, the world's longest volcanic rock flow; Mudanda Rock; and also the Lugard Falls, that spill into rapids and crocodile-filled pools.

Tsavo West is wetter and topographically additional varied, with a number of the foremost stunning scenery within the northern reaches of the park. Highlights here area unit Mzima Springs, a series of natural springs with massive populations of hippos and crocodiles; Chaimu Crater, an excellent spot for seeing birds of prey; and Ngulia rhinoceros Sanctuary. life isn't as straightforward to examine in Tsavo West owing to the denser vegetation, however the attractive scenery quite compensates.


On the banks of the palm-lined Ewaso Nyiro watercourse, Samburu, Buffalo Springs, with Shaba Reserves are found on the arid region within the remote north of the nation. Shaba National Reserve is among the two areas where St George raised Elsa the lioness, created the famous film "Born Free". All the  3 reserves depend on Ewaso Nyiro river to survive, and lots of species specially adapted to the parched conditions, like Grevy's zebras; Somali ostriches; and gerenuks, antelopes to that stand on 2 rear legs to reach the top leaves on higher tree limbs.

A prime attraction in Samburu National Reserve is the Sarara Singing Wells, native watering holes.This is where  Samburu warriors sing ancient songs when watering their animals. You may even be rewarded with sightings of huge cats and wild dogs.


Lake Nakuru parkland, in the Central part of the country, is legendary for its vast flocks of pink flamingos. The birds throng on Lake Nakuru itself, one amongst the valley soda lakes that contains nearly a 3rd of the park's space. The park was established in 1961, and quite 450 species of birds are recorded here, yet as a chic diversity of alternative life. Lions, leopards, warthogs, waterbucks, pythons, and white rhinos square mention only a few of the animals you would possibly see, and therefore the landscapes vary from sweeping grasslands bordering the lake to rocky cliffs and solid ground.

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